What is “faal lok do wer”?

This is faal lok do wer, a personal website operated by Wer Lunar, powered by WordPress, and hosted by 000webhost. The title “faal lok do wer” is written in Dovahzul, a frictional language created by Bethesda.

Who is “Wer Lunar”

No one is supposed to completely know who Wer Lunar is, since it has been linked, and linking to many identities. You may know one or serval identities, and one of them could be your purpose to visit this website.

However, “Wer Lunar”, and anything related to “Wer Lunar” will absolutely only apper on legal websites, articles, and so on. If “Wer Lunar” was found to be used for any illegal purpose, it must be not my activity and should be reported immediately.

“Wer Lunar” is the only author on this website (except comments and elements provided by WordPress). All the information publish on this website is copyright to “Wer Lunar” and is not premitted to be used without a written permission of “Wer Lunar”, even for non-commercial purpose.

When is the website set up?

May, 2018

How to contact

wer.lunar # hotmail.com (change # to @)

And anyother ways of contact related to the identity you know.


please use the mining tool below (XMR), and keep this webpage running.

什么是“Faal lok do wer”?

这是一个由“Wer Lunar”运行的,基于Wordpress的,托管于000webhostapp的个人网站。 标题“faal lok do wer”是应用了名为Dovahzul的,由Bethesda创造的语言。

谁是“Wer Lunar”

没有人应该完全知道Wer Lunar是谁,因为它正在与,并且已经与许多身份连接。 您可能知道一个或多个身份,其中一个应该是您访问此网站的目的。

然而,“Wer Lunar”以及与“Wer Lunar”相关的任何内容只会出现在合法网站、文章等内容中。 如果发现“Wer Lunar”被用于任何非法目的,那一定不是我的行为,应该立即举报。

“Wer Lunar”是本网站唯一的作者(评论和WordPress提供的元素除外)。 本网站上发布的所有信息版权均完全归属于“Wer Lunar”,未经Wer Lunar书面许可不得使用,即使是非商业目的。


2018年 5月


wer.lunar # hotmail.com (将 # 改为 @)